Our Professional Dental Services

General Dentistry
General Check-ups are performed routinely for all patients at Bulleen Dental.

We conduct a visual examination of all soft tissue in your mouth including teeth. Xrays may also bee taken of your mouth to detect any problems areas.

We use diagnodent laser surfacing and scanning to detect decay in your teeth including periodontal probing. Regular oral photography is used as a method for explanation and record keeping.

Oral hygiene and dietary discussions are a regular part of your routine visits. With regular updates to cleaning techniques for the highest standard you can achieve for plaque management.

Some other preventative measure we employ include – Scaling and polishing, Fissure Sealing, Splint therapy and Mouthguards.
Our cosmetic dentistry services not only enable healthier looking teeth, but also keep your teeth and mouth functioning structurally.

We use procedures such as – Teeth Bleaching, Amalgam replacement, Composite Veneers, Ceramic veneers  (LVI Trained Method), Crown and Bridgework, Ceramic Inlays and Onlays.

Restorative dentistry is very important to keep your mouth functional and structurally sound where possible.

Tooth coloured fillings are used to preservere and better the appearance of your mouth. Post endodontic rebuilds are used prior to prior to crowns being applied.

We assess your teeth using an advanced Crack assessment technique. We also use GIC bonded temporary fillings.
Implant Placement
Tooth replacement with implants (single/multiple).
Root Canal Therapy
To retain tooth that has an infected root canal.
Good gingival health primary care to retain teeth and regular  care  and maintainance.

bulleen dental icons complete care

We are proud to offer complete dental care for our patients.

Treatment planning




Crown and bridge

Oral surgery / extractions

Gum disease / periodontics

Root canal treatment

Preventative care

Brushing / flossing erosion

Bite adjustment / assessment


Cracks or fractures of teeth

Restorative treatment


Our Technology

  • Technology
  • Diagnodent
  • Tekscan
  • Isolite
  • Laser (diode for soft tissue modification)
  • Cerec for CAD/CAM ceramic restoration
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Pulp Testing
  • Computerised Practice Management/HICAPS
  • Digital Photography
  • Optical Magnifying Loupes with LED illumination

What makes us different?